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Lord Howe Island Policies


The terms ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘individual’, ‘group’, ‘client’ or ‘passenger’ are used interchangeably meaning the customer/s partaking in Reef N Beyond Eco Tour Expeditions, tours, charters or other events.

Reef N Beyond Eco Tours (ABN 22121792274) is the trading name of the company Fish Lord Howe P/L  – ACN 121792274


Prior to & upon arrival email is the preferred method of communication.

It is your responsibility to access your booking email address & read all Reef N Beyond tour related emails. Internet is available on Lord Howe Island.

We provide free wi-fi to Reef N Beyond customers for the duration of their stay. 

Please visit Reef N Beyond Boat Shed or phone to announce your arrival & confirm accommodation details.


Reef N Beyond tours are weather sensitive. We strongly advise booking your tour early in your stay. This will maximize your chance of getting a suitable weather day.

Please bear in mind many other Lord Howe Island tours are far less weather sensitive & can be conducted on most days.

Booking Information

  1. All tours can be subject to reschedule or change due to weather, number of guests & at the discretion of Reef N Beyond Eco Tours.
  2. It is your responsibility to open & read any email correspondence relating to tours or updates.
  3. When booking with Reef N Beyond Eco Tours you understand and accept that you are participating in an experience that involves risk.
  4. The digital waiver must be read & completed prior to tour departure.
  5. All terms and conditions apply to any booking you make with Reef N Beyond Eco Tours whether it be by phone, email, online or in person.
  6. We will rely on the authority of the person making the booking to act on behalf of any other passengers under the same booking. As that person, you agree to provide these terms and conditions to the other passengers under your booking. You are binding all such passengers (including yourself) to these terms and conditions and you have the authority to act on such passenger’s behalf.
  7. Payment in Full is required to secure an online booking.
  8. Booking in advance is highly recommended.
  9. Booking confirmation & details will be emailed to you upon booking.
  10. We strongly recommended travel insurance.
  11. All prices are in AUD and include GST.
  12. Please read booking carefully & advise any errors. In the event an error has been made to your booking, please contact Reef N Beyond Eco Tours as soon as possible by emailing
  13. If it becomes necessary to cancel your booking, be courteous & give us plenty of notice. Assist us by finding a replacement.
  14. A $50 administration fee may be deducted per booking  for tour cancellations.


  1. A refund will be given if we cancel your tour due to poor weather & we are unable to offer you an alternative day during your stay.
  2. A refund will be given if we cancel your tour due to mechanical issues.
  3. A refund will be given if you are unable to attend your tour due to serious illness or injury.
  4. At the discretion of Reef N Beyond some refunds may be offered in the form of a gift voucher with sufficient opportunity to use it & the ability to transfer it into a preferred persons name.
  5. On Island tour refunds can be exchanged for other Reef N Beyond products & services. e.g kayak hire or merchandise.
  6. In the event that the tour has commenced and is unable to be completed due to mechanical failure, the tour fee will be refunded on a pro rata basis.
  7. Gift Certificates purchased online are not refundable, but can be transferred to another person or used for other Reef N Beyond product or service.

Non Refundable

  1. A refund will not be given if you change your mind. This does include accepting another tour that conflicts with the tour day Reef N Beyond are offering you.
  2. A refund will not be given if you do not turn up at the specified day & time OR the number of guests is less that the number confirmed in your initial booking. The full cost of the trip per person is required to be paid.
  3. A refund will not be provided if your non attendance is due to failure to open or read emailed tour information.
  4. A refund will not be given if you are unable to attend your tour due to not arriving on the Island, where rescheduling your tour is not possible. 
  5. Letters for insurance claims will be provided on request.

Payment of Refunds

  1. Bookings paid online will be refunded through the online booking system. 
  2. Bookings paid at our boat shed on the island with be refunded by the same payment method or by direct deposit.


All personal information collected will not be given, sold or available in any form to a third party.

On the Tour Day

  1. All tours with Reef N Beyond Eco Tours are undertaken entirely at your own risk. With the exclusion of gross negligence proven in a court of law, you agree that Reef N Beyond Eco Tours, its directors, employees, agents, affiliates or partners will not be held liable for any accident, injury, loss or damage to any person or property however caused whilst you are embarking, travelling on or disembarking from Reef N Beyond Eco Tour vessels.
  2. Please arrive 15 mins prior to the departure time.
  3. No seating configuration is guaranteed, although Reef N Beyond staff will do the best they can to accommodate the particular requirements and needs of their passengers.
  4. Reef N Beyond operates in a marine environment, and passengers can get wet or be exposed to conditions that they do not necessarily experience on land.
  5. A safety briefing will be given once onboard and prior to departure therefore please listen and we will be grateful that you take this briefing seriously.
  6. Reef N Beyond staff hold the right to refuse to carry any passenger that we feel may be at risk of harm to themselves or other passengers such as someone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  7. Passengers with any medical condition, injury or potential health risk should advise Reef N Beyond staff prior to your departure.
  8. No smoking is permitted onboard Reef N Beyond at any time.
  9. Each child aged 15 or less must be accompanied by a paying adult who will provide full supervision at all times.
  10. Any damage or loss of your property whilst engaged in our Eco Tours is your responsibility.
  11. We provide quality snorkeling equipment therefore if you loose, break or cause damage due to negligence it is your responsibility to provide funds for the replacement.
  12. The Skipper reserves the right to insist a passenger wears a life jacket if he determines this necessary.
  13. Reef N Beyond Eco Tours reserves the right to cancel, change or adapt any tour it sees fit allowing for weather, safety or equipment concerns. Reef N Beyond Eco Tours will not be held liable for any loss or expense incurred by the passenger caused by such cancellation, change or adaptation.
  14. The Skipper reserves the right to return the vessel to port at his discretion should unsafe conditions of any nature occur.
  15. Passengers must comply with the Reef N Beyond Eco Tours COVID-19 Policy.

Environmental Statement

Reef N Beyond Eco Tours prides itself on providing you with an innovative eco touring experience. By booking a tour with Reef N Beyond Eco Tours, you agree to follow all laws, rules and directions from our staff relating to interaction with the marine environment. This includes respecting all marine wildlife & disposing of litter or other forms of pollution in the correct manner.