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Reef N Beyond – Yoga and Wellbeing Classes

At Reef N Beyond we are pleased to offer a new range of yoga and wellbeing classes on beautiful Lord Howe Island.

We’re excited to welcome Brent Madden and Nicole Belliveau to the Reef N Beyond Eco Tour Team.

Both Brent and Nicole are tour guides and key crew on the new Reef N Beyond expedition boat.

Yoga teacher Nicole will be conducting regular classes, teaching yoga, guiding meditation and leading workshops in wellness and nutrition. Nicole is a qualified Holistic Nutritionalist and is passionate about eating well and using organic produce wherever possible. Nicole has come to Lord Howe to build her skills in marine tourism, and what better place to do it?

A schedule of regular yoga and wellness classes is open to all Lord Howe Island guests and residents, please see the schedule following for details and bookings.

With experience working at Byron Yoga Centre, the largest yoga retreat in the Southern Hemisphere, Nicole brings knowledge and skills across a wide range of yoga practises:


Hatha yoga focuses on correct alignment and a safe range of movement for each individual. Hatha yoga postures are designed to align, strengthen and promote flexibility within the body. Participants may challenge their practice with stronger poses however are encouraged to rest whenever desired. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. Variations are provided for different fitness and skill levels.


Yin yoga is a slower practice, and is a floor-based, introspective style of yoga that encourages relaxation for the mind and offers a deep stretch for the body. Yin yoga poses are held for longer periods of time and are supported by props which invites participants to slow down and create space for stillness. Participants may feel like they have had a deep tissue massage, having nourished joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia and released buried tension in the process. Variations are provided for different levels.


Vinyasa is a dynamic style of yoga characterized by flowing movements and stringing postures together, creating fluid and smooth movements that synchronise with the breath. Vinyasa is an energizing practice that builds heat and strength in the body and cultivates mental focus. Variations can be provided for different levels.


Restorative yoga is a meditative and rejuvenating practice, where the body is supported by props to give it permission to fully surrender in a safe space. Restorative yoga poses are held for longer and attention is focussed on the breath. This relaxing style of yoga is soothing for the nervous system, helping to repair and restore the body and mind. Variations can be provided for different levels.
Both Hatha Yoga and Gentle Yin Yoga are available on a regular basis; Vinyasa and Restorative yoga are available on request.


Tuesday 7-8:30am Hatha Flow
Thursday 7-8:30am Hatha Flow
Friday 4:30-6pm Gentle Yin
Sunday 4:30-6pm Gentle Yin

Meet at Boat Shed to sign up, grab a mat & walk 2 minutes to our marvelous outdoor location. If weather isn’t cooperating, we relocate to a beautiful indoor space nearby – transportation provided.

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