Woohoo – Come & Visit Lord Howe Island

Finally Open Again

Just over 4 weeks down the track we have had a gradual increase in visitors back to Lord Howe Island. A gradual increase in visitation has given local businesses the opportunity to implement Covid Safe plans & get back to work!

Notable Visitors

Already we have had some notable visitors to the Island. The Hemsworth family & Tourism Australia were welcome visitors and certainly helped to put Lord Howe Island on the radar again. 

Reef N Beyond Eco Tours were proud to have Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth & Hutch onboard Reef N Beyond for a surfing tour & Lord Howe Island Expedition with their families. We look forward to them making Lord Howe Island a regular holiday destination.

We also had Ray Martin visit Lord Howe Island. It was a pleasure to meet Ray & have a chat . Ray has some very interesting career stories to tell.

This Years Reef N Beyond Team

Apart from Glenys and I,  we are pleased to welcome Josh Briggs back for another season. Josh is a likeable young waterman who has all the skills we require to assist in giving you the ultimate Reef N Beyond touring experiences.

We would also like to welcome our newest team member Stephan Kleinlein. Stephan is a world renowned ocean, landscape, action photographer & videographer with over 30 years of experience in this field. From mid November he will be available to capture your memorable Reef N Beyond experiences.

Our Latest Photography Services

Check out our website link below for further details –

He will also be running a range of Photographic tours in conjunction with Reef N Beyond Eco Tours. Lord Howe Island is the perfect place to learn & improve your photographic skills.

Check out our website link below for further details on our Photographic Tours –

Take a piece of Lord Howe Island home with you thanks to local photographers, Dave Gardiner & Stephan Kleinlein.

All photography is available for purchase online or at the Reef N Beyond Boat Shed. We offer a range of mediums including printed on glass, paper or stretched canvas.

For more information on Stephan’s amazing photography check out his website at https://oceanbluesky.com 

Lord Howe Island – A Superb Adventure Holiday Destination!

All We Need is You

We Have the Best News

Today we have had some amazing news. Lord Howe Island will be open to visitors again from October 2, 2020.

Covid -19 has had a huge impact on businesses all around the World. Here at Lord Howe Island we have been closed since March 22 this year. Tourism is our lifeblood & our way of life. We look forward to seeing you back.

Mountain Views

All We Need is You

Now is your chance to visit us for your dream overseas holiday with no passport required. 

World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island was voted No 5 of 10 in best holiday regions in the world by Lonely Planet in early 2020! https://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel/regions

Reef N Beyond Expedition

Looking Forward to Seeing You

At Reef N Beyond Eco Tours we are really looking forward to getting back on the water again. We offer the best touring experiences available on Lord Howe. Our tours are spectacular and will leave you breathless.

Check out our tours here https://visitlordhowe.com.au/tours/

Our Most popular Tours

  • Ball’s Pyramid/Lord Howe Island Expedition (Interpretive & photographic tour)
  • Adventure Seekers Ball’s Pyramid Snorkelling Expedition
  • Guided Outer Reef Snorkelling Expedition
  • Island Adventure Expedition (Interpretive & photographic tour)
  • Our Range of Photographic Tours
Snorkel With Us

Enjoy Your Holiday

So you enjoy your holiday please be Covid Safe. We are a small Island community. Help protect our Community. 

It is imperative we all promote & comply with Covid Safe plans implemented by Lord Howe Island businesses. 

Remember :-

  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5m
  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hands regularly & use hand sanitiser provided
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow
  • Complete or use contact tracing app or documentation provided by Island businesses
  • If you are suffering any symptoms whatsoever report & isolate immediately.
  • Please comply with Lord Howe Island Covid Safe business plans.

An Overseas Holiday & No Passport Required

Tourism is our Lifeblood

Lord Howe Island’s first tourists began arriving on ships in 1883. Transport has evolved over time, from ships in the early days to modern day aircraft. Flying boats initially brought up to 42 guests to Lord Howe from Rose Bay in Sydney up until 1974. 

In 1974, a runway was constructed on Lord Howe. This has enabled modern day, fast turbo prop aircraft to land on the short 886m runway!

There are approximately 350 permanent residents & only 400 guests at any one time! It is never crowded.

The tourist industry contributes approximately 30 million dollars to the Island’s economy annually. It is the Islands primary source of income.

Lord Howe Island is a truely special place & we want to share it with you!

Lord Howe has been closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic since March this year. Here at Reef N Beyond Eco Tours we value your business & look forward to seeing you back in our Covid Safe environment. To assist you get started we have now installed a contactless booking system on our website! Booking prior to arrival is highly recommended & simple. Check out our dollar saver Multi Tour Eco Pass. https://visitlordhowe.com.au/tours/save-multi-tour-eco-pass/

The Geology 

Lord Howe Island is the eroded remains of a 6.9 million year old shield volcano. It consists of 28 Islands of various sizes. The main Island is approximately 11km long with the widest point just over 2km. The tallest peak on the Island is Mt Gower at 875m. The Island is approximately 56 square kilometres in area.

Ball’s Pyramid is located 23km to the southeast of Lord Howe Island. At 552m, it is the tallest sea stack on the planet. It too is the remnants of a shield volcano. It is approximately 1.1km long with the widest point at the base approximately 600m.

The entire Island is eroding rapidly & is likely to be completely submerged in 200,000 years! So you had better hurry!


Lord Howe Island is located 780km NE of Sydney &  582km east of Port Macquarie. Just a 2 hours flight will get you overseas & no passport required! Qantaslink & Eastern Air Services provide regular flights to the Island.

The Climate

Lord Howe Island has an amazing temperate, sub tropical climate. The air temperature ranges between 29’c & 12’c. Water temperature is ideal at between 19’c & 26’c. The Island is lush & green for the majority, with the occasional dry periods between December & February. 

The ideal time to visit the Island is between September & June. Winter is our low season & visitors can expect a cooler climate, with some Island services limited. It is an ideal time for getting away, a reconnaissance trip, bush walking or just snuggling in & reading a book!

Mt Lidgbird & Mt Gower

Flora & Fauna

Lord Howe Island has an abundance of unique endemic terrestrial & marine flora & fauna. Almost half of the plants are only found on here! Kentia Palms are the signature endemic palm species & have been exported all over the world.

Lord Howe Island is the home of the rarest insect in the world! The Phasmid was discovered living on Ball’s Pyramid in 2001. It once inhabited the main Island, but was thought to have become extinct approximately 100 years ago.

The Phasmid
Ball’s Pyramid & Reef N Beyond

Lord Howe is the home of approximately 16 species of seabird. They inhabit the main island, surrounding Islands & Ball’s Pyramid. They provide exceptional photographic opportunities.

Masked Booby

The marine life is amazing too, with 500 species of fish & 90 species of coral. Guests often comment on the quality & variety of our coral. Don’t forget your mask & snorkel.

Turtle Time

Something for Everybody

Lord Howe Island is a truely unique holiday destination that has something for everybody! It has a large variety of accomodation options. There are plenty of touring options are available. 

Lord Howe Island is never crowded! See you soon

The Big “C” – Looking After Your Safety & Ensuring Your Enjoyment

Swimming With Turtles

The Covid19 Pandemic

Yes, I refer to the current COVID-19 pandemic! Our once carefree happy lifestyle working & living on Lord Howe Island has been completely turned upside down. 

Like everybody, we wish it would all just go away. It appears that unless we learn to minimise the risk of transmission, we will be stuck in this state of limbo until a vaccine is available. 

Now that would be something everybody could really look forward too!

Life Goes On

In the meantime, here at Reef N Beyond Eco Tours we have prepared for the “new norm” 

We have now introduced our “Covid19 Safety Plan”! We have introduced numerous measures to mitigate & minimise risk Covid19 infection to our staff, guests & broader community. Rest assured we are looking after your safety while maintaining the enjoyment factor on our tours.

Smoking Ball’s Pyramid

How can you help? Well first of all, 

Our Risk Mitigation

  • Read our Covid19 Risk Mitigation Policy – Here – https://visitlordhowe.com.au/covid-19-policy/
  • Be aware that we will be operating with reduced passenger numbers to meet social distancing requirements.
  • Respect the social distancing requirements of others when marshalling at boarding/embarking locations. This Includes at the Boat Shed, with staff, other guests & the community.
  • Wash your hands with supplied hand sanitiser & have temperature checked prior to boarding Reef N Beyond.
  • Follow crews instructions at all times.
  • Use our contactless online booking facility & ensure all information fields are completed.
  • Be aware that all high touch surfaces will be disinfected prior, during & after tours. This includes the Reef N Beyond Boat Shed.
  • You will be greeted by crew from a safe distance. Please don’t be offended when not greeted by a handshake.
  • Please answer questions honestly & responsibly in relation to :-
  1. Having any flu- like symptoms.
  2. Close contacts.
  3. Previous travel
  • Contact Reef N Beyond Eco Tours as soon as possible if you are feeling unwell here. https://visitlordhowe.com.au/contact/
  • Should you be unwell on the day of the tour, unfortunately you will not be permitted to join the tour.  Alternatively, you may be entitled to a gift card valid for a period of 2 years, or a full refund.

We look forward to seeing you on our Reef N Beyond Tours in our Covid19 Safe environment!!!!

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